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For Los Angeles native Bonkerz, life has always been a crazy experience of trials, tribulations, struggles and wins. It molded him into the man and artist he’s become, a combination of the authenticity and toughness that embodies LA’s infamous streets and rap culture. 


Born in L.A. county in the 80’s to parents from Compton and South Central, Bonkerz was always destined to represent his city with his talents. He was a fan and student of music since a young age and his environment and skills combined to create a unique combo, a man who can capture the insanity of the streets with a power to express himself lyrically. 


Those talents led to his unique name and the release of his debut project Who Is Bonkerz, Vol. 1. The project is an honest look at Bonkerz tale so far, chronicling his path on the road to the musical mountain-top and overcoming all challenges, properly introducing the fast-rising talent to the world. 


Released in early 2018 worldwide on all major digital retailers, including iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music and more, the project has set him up for the next stage of his success. With a distinctive voice and style at his disposal and a lifetime of experiences to inspire him, Bonkerz is ready to make the most of his shot. 

Bonkerz sophomore project Who Is Bonkerz Vol. 2 released early 2019 and featured a heavy  hitting west coast sound. Staying true to his roots, he was able to peel back another layer to allow fans to get a bit closer to his life. As a listener you can feel the raw emotion in every bar.

Bonkerz closed 2019 with a huge BANG. Dropping his highly anticipated Fish And Bread album backed by Empire Distribution, Bonkerz did not disappoint. Being a student of the game is paying major dividends for this California native. "Fish and bread keep the po man fed" is the mantra for project. Staying fed by any means necessary, is much more than just a saying, it's a lifestyle. Fish And Bread is a "straight play" from start to finish and the acoustic delivery is a straight vibe. With production by Jay P Bangs, DJ Chin, Proheci, Yung Pear, Its Rappa, Hi Deaf Beats and DJ Marx, you can't help but be hypnotized. The story telling & hard hitting sounds takes you on a ride you won't want to get off.

To put the icing on the cake, Bonkerz collabed with Phonk P & Mozzy on a surprise release called Gangland. True to it's name, the street culture is on full display. 

.....Stay tuned

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